Preton - Print & Save

Printing is Easy

You’ll see this screen every time you print, so you can change things if you want to.

If you want to print just text (and remove the images),
click "Omit images".
Use the slider to adjust the savings level for your current print job.
Higher percentages mean more savings, reduced quality.
Lower percentages mean less savings, higher quality.
The default of 35% generally gives you the best savings/quality tradeoff.
If you’ve got photos, we recommend setting the slider at around 10%. For things like school projects, set it at about 50%. For things like printing off the Web, emails and draft documents, move it up towards 70% or more.
Click "Edit Default Settings" to get to the "Saving Settings".
Toggle the Saving Mode between Fast Mode and Brightness Mode to experiment with different print qualities.
Need more info? Get more help in our "Knowledge Base".

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