Preton - Print & Save

Advanced Settings

Fine-Tune Your Printers.

On the Printer & Cost Setting tab, select the printer whose default you want to change.
If you know the mono or color costs for your specific printer, you can enter them (otherwise, we use our default values).
The default of 35% gives you the best overall savings/quality tradeoff.
Use the sliders to adjust the savings level. "General" changes the overall default.
  • The Text slider optimizes just the text elements of the page.
  • The Graphic slider optimizes things like boxes and drawing objects.
  • The Image slider optimizes all pictures formats (e.g. jpg, gif, and png).
Each of these can be set independently. For example, if a page contains a mix (say, both text and images) you can slide higher to save more on text while sliding lower to preserve image quality.
Check "Display more options" to display options for brightness/speed tradeoff options.

Check "Disable ink optimization for the selected printer" if you don’t want to apply any saving options for this printer. For example it’s recommended to turn this off for any PDF printers.
Click "Restore Default" to return settings to 35%.
Print a configuration page to help decide which savings level will work for you. You’ll see the different text, graphic and image samples to show you how different savings levels will look for your specific printer.
Click the Process Setting tab to disable optimization for specific applications.
For example, if you never want to apply any savings when you print from Internet Explorer, select it and choose Protect.

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