Print Management and Ink/Toner Optimization Software Solutions

Preton Company Profile

Preton Ltd. Is a leading provider of print management and toner optimization solutions. Founded in 2005 by a team of engineering and business professionals with almost 40 years of successful software experience, Preton is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Preton's patent-pending technology, Pixel Optimizerā„¢ incorporates state of the art mathematical algorithms to identify and delete wasteful pixels during printing, offering substantial savings on toner and ink.

Preton's award-winning products PretonSaver Enterprise™, PretonPower™, PretonDCA™ and PretonSaver Homeā„¢ offer revolutionary savings of up to 70% on printing costs. The product is sold in four continents through our partner network and serves hundreds of thousands of users every day.

Preton Ltd. is committed to the highest standards of software development and to providing the best possible software solution to our customers. The company is in the process of developing additional products that will help companies to further control and manage their print resources.